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Twist Tester For Yarn

            The strength of a yarn and other properties of fabrics depend to a great extent on the amount of twist given to it. Thus accurate determination of this factor is of prime importance in assessing the quality of any yarn. A untwisting a known length of yarn and finding the number of rotation of one of its ends relative to the other which remove the twist completely usually determine the amount of twist given to a yarn. The equipments used for determination of twists of a yarn is known as twist tester.



Twist Tester(Motorized)

The ASIAN Twist Tester for yarns consists of a set of clamps, one of which rotating and the other fixed. The rotating clamp is driven by hand through a speed increasing arrangement (by motor in motor operated model) and a five digit reset able revolution counter (digital counter in motor operated) to count the number of twists. The fixed clamp is pivoted on jewel bearings and carries of a pendulum arm having a sliding weight to give the desired tension to the yarn. The fixed clamp assembly can be moved over a guide bar for setting the required test length of yarn which is indicated on a strip scale fixed to base against a pointer attached to the moving assembly. A viewing plate and a magnifying glass are provided for accurate determination of the end point. A dissecting needle for ascertaining complete removal of twist is supplied as standard accessory with the equipment.

Twist Tester
(Single yarn)

            The various components are fixed on a rigid base strength and durability. All parts of the instruments are either painted or bright chrome plated to give a corrosion resistant finish and highly aesthetic appearance.





Test length                            : 25 to 250mm (25 to 500mm for motorized version)
Load on test specimen       : 0 to100 gm
Counter                                 : five digit revolution counter to give S twist directly and Z Twist by subtracting
from 100,000


IS: 832- 1964                       : Method of determination of twist in yarn
Bs: 2085- 1973                    : Determination of twist in yarn by direct counting method.
ASTM: D- 1423                   : Determination of twist in yarn by the direct counting method.