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soft material thickness gauge


            Linear dimensions of soft materials such as foams, below 150 mm are measured by using a soft material thickness gauge having an arrangement to measure thickness with an indentor of specified area exerting a specified pressure on the test specimen whose thickness is being measured.

The “Asian” Soft Material Thickness Gauge for soft materials such as foams consists of a dial indicator fitted on a metallic frame and a round indentor of specified size and weight to apply a specified pressure on the test specimen.

The reading is taken after a low voltage electric contact is made between the indentor and tip of the dial indicator. An LED indicator is provided to indicate the making of the contact. The electrical contact system is operated with the help of two penlight cells. This arrangement ensures that the force exerted by the spring of the dial indicator is not transferred to the indentor, thus avoiding any error in measurement of the thickness.

A set of metallic spacers having ground ends is provided to find the thickness of specimens of up to 150 mm thickness.

The apparatus is finished in grey hammertone stoving painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.


Maximum thickness of specimens which can be measured :  100 mm
Range of dial indicator                                                       :  0 to 10 mm x 0.01 mm
Diameter of indentor                                                          :  28.7 mm (6.5 cm² area)
Force on indentor                                                              :  6.5 g (1g/cm²)
Height of spacers                                                              :  10, 20, and 50 mm