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Packing materials and Containers are subject to puncture hazards in handling and transit. ‘AsianPuncture Resistance Tester is designed to measure the energy required to puncture corrugated board and therefore help assess the protective qualities of that board. Resistance to puncture is defined as the energy required to force a puncture head of specific design through a test piece under clearly specified conditions.


Indication of energy required to make a puncture on a scale by a pointer.

Five different scales to analyse materials of variable thickness from thin paper to thick boards.

Easy lever press clamp mechanism exerts sufficient pressure to disallow any slippage of the test specimen and Self-tightening grips with adjustable clamping force by way of spring action.

Zero adjustment screw for scale calibration.

Protection guard to protect operator at the time of the test and give an accurate and reliable indication of the resistance to puncture of packaging materials.

Steel frame design to avoid any vibrations during test.

Pendulum with arm in a circular angle of 90°.

Striking head in triangular pyramid.

Robust and heavy construction.

Retardation of pendulum is prevented by the automatic insertion of a slip collar at the time of puncture.

Indispensable for quality control and development work both for manufacturers of packaging materials and their consumers.


TAPPI T-803, ISO 3036, SCAN P23, ASTM D-781, DIN 53142