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               Colour fastness of dyed or printed fabrics against perspiration is determined by exposing the fabric sample to the action of both alkaline and acidic reagents while in contact with undyed adjacent fabrics is placed between plastic plate under a fixed load inside an oven maintained at 37 C. The apparatus used for this test is called the perspirometer.

           The “ASIAN” Perspirometer consists of a number of acrylic plates which can be kept in a suitable loading frame. The loading frame consists of two steel plates between which the acrylic plates are placed. The test specimen are stitched between suitable white cloth pieces and dipped in either alkaline or acidic test solutions. The composite sample in placed in between any two acrylic plates. A number of test specimens can be loaded simultaneously between different sets of acrylic plates by stacking them one above the other. Loading is done by keeping a standard dead weight on top of the upper plate’s assembly, which consists of two parallel plates separated by suitable compensating spring. The guide rod attached to top plate of this assembly is locked while under load and the load removed. The spring compensates for subsequent variation in load due to variation in thickness of the test specimens on drying.

The test is continued for the required time under the specified condition of temperature. After this the samples are removed from the frame and dried. The degree of staining of the white pieces of cloth and change in colour of the test specimens are evaluated using Grey scale and compared against standard rating card. The entire components are made of mild steel and are bright chrome plated to give them a corrosion resistant finish. Perspirometer made from stainless steel can also be supplied against special order.

Size of specimens                                                                : 10cm X 4cm
Force on specimen                                                              : 5kg
Size of acrylic plates                                                           : 12.5cm X 6.5cm
Number of acrylic plates                                                    : 16

IS: 971- 1983                       : Method of determination of colour fastness of textile material to perspiration
AATCC                                 : Method of test for colour fastness to perspirometer.
ISO 105/E-1978                  : ‘Textiles- Tests for colour fastness –E 04 color fastness to perspiration.