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                     Fabrics made from certain fiber and fiber blends may develop during the course of wear tufts of entangled fibers, attached to the surface of the cloth & looking small pills. Although a number of methods have been developed for determining the pilling properties of fabrics. It is difficult to simulate the wear conditions by any single machine. Testing of this characteristic is important especially for fabrics meant for garments like sweaters, shirts, blouses. Lingeries, trousers suits & skirts etc.

The “ASIAN” Pilling Tester consists of two cubical boxers inner walls of box are lined by 3mm thick cork sheet. The boxes are rotate by means of motor about the horizontal axis. A pre-set digital counter is provided for stopping the tester after pre-determined number of revolutions.

A Template, metal cylinder, comprising Jig and 8-rubber tuber are provided with the instrument.

Instrument is finished by Bright chromes plating & metallic painting for corrosion resistant finish.



Speed of m/c                                    : 60 ramp
Internal side length of   Boxes     : 225 mm X 225 mm X 225mm
Motor                                                : 220V AC, single phase, 1425rpm induction motor
Counter                                             : 5 Digit, pre-set digital counter


RELATED STANDARD: IS: 10971 – 1984, BS 5811, BS EN ISO 12945-1