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Martindale Abrasion Tester

The wearing away of any part of a material by rubbing against another surface is known as abrasion of that material. There are different methods for determining the abrasion resistance of the fabrics. One of these methods is determination of abrasion resistance of fabrics by using the Martindale abrasion tester. Abrasion resistance is measured by subjecting to rubbing motion in the from of a geometric figure that is a straight line which becomes a gradually widening ellipse. Until it forms another straight line opposite and traces the same figure again under known condition of pressure and abrasive action.

The ASIAN Martindale Abrasion Tester consist of four testing plates on which the abrading fabric is attached, these four testing tables are mounted on the base plate of the instrument there is a revolving plate which revolve with the help of three cam and pegs. There are four sleeves attached to the revoiving plat. The four sample holders are provided with the instrument. There is a set of weights for proper pressure on the test specimen. Two templates for cutting the sample and abrading fabric and their mallets are also supplied with the instrument.

All parts of the instrument are metallic paint. Zinc/ chrome plating and powder coating to give a corrosion resistance finish.



RPM of the outer pegs                                        : 47.5±2.5 rpm
No of specimens test at a time                          : 1 to 4
Expose area of the specimen                            : 645 sq. cm.
Drive speed ratio of outer pegs to inner peg   : 32/30
Totel stroke of outer and inner pegs                                : 60.5±0.5
Working pressure on the test specimen           : 12 Kpa (in the step of 3 kpa)
Motor                                                                     : ¼  hp 220 VAC, single phase.



BS: 5690
ASTM: D-4966