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HIGH TEMPERATURE HIGH PRESSURE            The “ASIAN” High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) Beaker Dyeing Machine made of the double wall stainless steel tank in which the rotor is mounted. The rotor is supported by two wall bearings the rotor have different holes for the mounting of beakers. The rotor rotates with the help of the gearbox and motor. The timer controls the rotation time of the rotor. The stainless steel tank is leakage free. During test the tank filled with the glycerin and the heaters are mounted in the tank for giving the desired temperature.

           The temperature is indicated and control with the help of the digital temperature indicator cum controller. All sides of the tank insulated with the help of the glass wool. There are the valves are mounted one for drain and the other for over flow of the glycerin in the tank. Twelve beakers, a spanner and one holding device also provided with the instrument as a standard accessories.



Model                                   : 250 ml × 12 beakers,
Power requirement            : 420V AC, 7KW, 50 Hz three phase (single phase optional)
Motor                                    : ¼ hp, single (or three) phase induction motor,
Heaters                                 : 2 Kw × 3 heaters,
Temperature controller   : Digital pre-set temperature indicator cum controller