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One complete oscillation of the test piece, during which it is, folded first back wards and then forwards about the same line and this oscillation is double fold.

Two horizontally opposed and movable clamping jaws, which hold specimen 100 mm (4 in.) long under variable tension during the folding cycle, while a slotted folding blade, sliding back and forth between four creasing rollers, folds the paper at 120 double fold per minute. One or two specimen can be tested simultaneously. The number of folds is registered by two impluse / digital counter which are stopped automatically, when the specimen breaks. The Equipment is used for determining the Folding Endurance of all kinds of paper, foil and films upto 0.25 mm or less.


Folding Endurance Tester has been used for the estimation for the suitability of the paper in used to withstand repeated bending, folding, and creasing. Two specimens can be tested simultaneously. The number of folder is registered by two six figure impulse counters with hold facilities when the respective head stopped automatically upon the rupture of first specimen and automatic switched off the instruments upon the rupture of second specimen. .Front panel consist of start, stop, push button, with light indicator which indicate the on/off position of electric motor.

Working Unit                                  : Two separately working folding unit for quicker test.
Testing of Paper                            :  0,25 mm thickness of paper  
Specimen width                             : 15 mm
Specimen Length                           : 98 mm
Clamping length                             :  90mm
Stretching force                             : Maximum 9.81 N and Minimum 7.55N
Folding roll diameter                      :  6 mm
Distance between folding rolls        : 0.5 mm
Working Speed                              : 120 stokes /min
Deflection on either side                :  10 mm
Power supply                                :  1 Phase, 220±10% V AC, 50Hz
(Other power option also available)


TAPPI T 423 ISO 5626, IS: 1060(Part-1)
IS: 1848-1991 Equivalent