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The “ASIAN” Flammability Tester made of stainless steel shield of specified size. The shield is open at the top, it has transparent front sliding windows, and an opening of specified size is left at the bottom of the front to manipulation of the gas burner. A set of Bunsen burner of specified size attached at the bottom of the shield, the burner has an arrangement to slide.

            A clip is vertically held at the top of the instrument with the help of the rod, there is a set of the two –stenter pin plates, carrying pointer pins and attached to one side of its board surface, to prevent movement of the lower end of the test specimen during the application of the test flame. Each plate is secured at one to the side of the shield in the horizontal position.

            A set of specimen holder consisting of two U- shaped stainless steel plates between which the test specimen can be held in such a way that the fabric specimen is free at the bottom and is held at the top and sides so that the total exposed area is 50 x 305 mm the specimen holder will be positioned in the draught –free box vertically so that the ignition flame striker the centrally and 19 mm above the bottom edge of the specimen.

All parts of the instrument is bright chrome and bright buffing of stainless steel parts for corrosion resistance long life

Note: we will not supply any gas/gas cylinder



Size of the Gas Burner               : 305 x305 x 760mm,
about 150 long x 9 mm internal diameter
Size of the test specimen          : 315 x 50 mm
Size of the flame                       : 38 mm



ASTM D 6413