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The ability of a fabric to retain pressed in creases and to recover from creasing is an important property, especially in case of apparel fabrics. This properly is measured in terms of crease recovery angle, which is defined as the angle formed between the two limbs of a strip-of fabrics previously folded to form a single crease under prescribed conditions at a specified time after removed of creasing load.


The ASIAN Crease Recovery Tester is designed to measure crease recovery angle of fabrics. It consists of a rotary circular scale on which a spring type specimen clamp is fixed on the base plate on which the above arrangement is mounted. The test specimen is fixed on a loading strip supplied with the equipment. After folding the specimen on the creasing line marked on the strip, the loading strip with folded specimen is kept on an anvil under the dead load of the loading arrangement for a specified time. After that the specimen with the loading strip is transferred to the clamp of the rotary circular scale, where it is held in manner that the fold lies in a horizontal line on the axis of the circular scale. The circular scale with the clamp is rotated till the free limb of the specimen becomes vertical which is judged by aligning it to a vertical pointer. The crease recovery angle is directly read on the circular scale.




Size of the Test specimen                  : 40 X 15 mm
Creasing Load                                      : 1.0 kg
Area of Loading                                  : 15 X 15 mm
Distance between edge of the
Clamp to the axis                                  : 2 mm
Crease Recovery Angle                      : 10º – 180º X 0.5



IS 4681 – 1968                    : Method for Determination of Wrinkle Recovery of fabrics (By Measurement of Crease Recovery Angle)
BS 3086 – 1972                   : Determination of Wrinkle Recovery of fabrics, Crease Recovery Angle Method
ASTM D 1295 – 1967        : Wrinkle Recovery of Woolen Textile Fabrics using the Vertical Strip Apparatus