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The compressibility of rubberized cork composition sheets is determined by finding the percentage reduction in thickness of a test specimen taken from the sheet under test under a small initial load and a large final load. The percentage recovery is determined by finding the ratio between the recovery in thickness after removal of final load and the reduction in thickness under the final load, the thickness in unloaded state being measured with only the small initial load acting on the test specimen.

The   Compressibility and Recovery Tester for rubberized cork composition sheets consists of an anvil, an indenter which can be moved vertically inside a guide bush to apply the initial load on the test specimen kept on the anvil, and a lever arrangement to apply the specified final load on the test specimen.

The indenter is made from steel and has a diameter of 25 mm. It also serves to apply the initial load. A dial gauge indicator is provided to measure the thickness of the test specimen at the center of the indenter.

The major load is applied with the help of a spring dynamometer acting through a lever mechanism. The spring dynamometer is moved up with the help of screw arrangement. This movement causes the load on the lever to get transmitted to the test specimen through the indenter.

The various components of the equipment are mounted on a sturdy fabricated steel base plate. The equipment is finished in dark shore blue metalic painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.



Area of specimen to be tested          :    40 mm²
Diameter of test specimen                 :    22.6 mm
Diameter of indenter                          :    25 mm
Range of thickness measurement  :    0 - 19 mm x 0.01 mm
Initial load on test specimen             :    7 kPa (286 g)
Final load on test specimen              :    2800 kPa (114 kg)
Range of spring dynamometer         :    150 kg


IS 4253 (p 2) - 1980                            :    Specification for cork composition Sheets