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The B.F.T. abrasion tester incorporates a series of mechanism to abrade textile materials, which would provide numerical results, which could be correlated with serviceability. Three types of tests namely Flex Abrasion; Ball Toughness and Flat Abrasion can be conducted on this tester.

The ASIAN B.F.T. Abrasion Tester consists of solid aluminium carriage reciprocating with the help of a motor and linkage mechanism. A counter is providing to records the total number of cycles. A head is mounted over the top of the reciprocating carriage which is constrained to move vertical with the help of a parallel bar mechanism fitted with a counter balancing weight. A known vertical loading can be obtained by adding the required weight rod. The equipment is provided with three sets of interchangeable accessories for conducting any of three tests as describe below:

  1. For Flex Abrasion
  2. For Ball Toughness
  3. For Flat Abrasion

All the mechanical parts are mounted on a rigid fabricated steel platform and finished painted and bright chrome plating.


Stroke of carriage                                                    : 38 mm
Load on head                                                       : 1.8 kg for Flex Abrasion, 0.7 kg for Ball Toughness Test, 0.9 kg for Flat Abrasion
Flex plate for Flex Abrasion                              : 0.93 mm thick with one edge tapered off & rounded to 0.43 mm dia.
Tension on specimen in Flex Abrasion            : 1.8 kg with help of a weight of 0.9 kg and lever ratio 2:1
Ball for Ball Toughness                                      : 4.8 mm diameter
Counter                                                                 : 6 digit even digital counter

Motor                                                                     : ¼ hp, single phase 230 V AC