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Medical & Educational Instruments



STE 120



This unit is delivered complete, instrumented with a technical manual and lab exercises.
 Engineering, assembly and industrial equipment.
 Varied technical approach of the system.
 The unit is delivered with all the equipment necessary for the energy produced by the air/water heat pump:
-  1 tight compressor
-  1 air evaporator  
-  1 water condenser
-  1 pressure relief valve 

Teaching suggested applications*
• To measure and to evaluate characteristics.
• To understand and to interpret electrical, electronic and fluidic workings.
• To study the output.
• To calculate powers.
• To study the basic concept of an air/water heat pump.
• To study the thermodynamic cycle.
• To calculate exchange ratios
• To calculate outputs
• To calculate thermal balances.
• Working on capacity, lost water or air heater.


STM 001


The automated lift system which communicates allows to study the operating cycle of an automatically piloted lift
 It can be supervised by the use of an Ethernet connection
 It also allows to control dynamically the system with an inverter which controls the traction reducing gear’s brake
 The system is entirely delivered, with a theoretical manual and a technical field
 Industrial equipment
 Education concerned: STI2D, SI…
 Electricity: 230 VAC single-phase – 50 / 60Hz
 Volume of the installation L x l x h = 800 x 800 x 2000mm 
Weight: 150 kg more or less

Teaching suggested applications*

• Study of a lift’s operating cycle
• Ethernet connection
• Study and configuration of the inverter
• Dynamic influence of the inverter settings on the equipment’s energy consumption
• Study of the motor loads / 4 dials which allow to visualise the inverter’s data on the computer (computer non-provided)
• Study of the reversibility / thermal dissipation generated by electrical resistance


STM 600


STM 600 unit allows to realise most of the experiments such as traction, compression, bending, shearing, stamping
 Distortions and stress measurement on displays with an analogue outlet of 0/10V on plugs
 Data acquisition with USB card (in option)
 Load application and manual movements
 Theoretical manual provided
 Engineering, assembly and industrial equipment
 STC 700 didactic interest is aimed at UIT, engineering schools and universities in mechanical streams but also at STI2D / common core-syllabus

Teaching suggested applications*
• Characterising the traction
• Characterising the compression
• Bending and shearing experiments
• Determining the material’s Young module
• Plastic distortion experiments (in a stamping way)


STM 700

20kN materials’ characterisation machine – MOTOR-DRIVEN - INSTRUMENTED

STM 700



-        A speed inverter, speedily piloted by a potentiometer, allows to adjust the system’s movement speed
-        Measurement of the movement by a potentiometer sensor 50mm with a signal output of 0-10V in order to have a 0.01mm resolution in distortions measurement
-        Stress measurement with a strain gauge sensor which capacity is 20kN
-        Conditioner for strain gauge sensor with an output of 0-10V
-        Stress and movements display on the unit’s interface
-        Retransmission of the stress and movement measurements on the data acquisition card which can be connected to a computer’s USB interface
-        Graphic and data storage operating software{time, force, position, relative elongation, stress} / data format compatible with excel (TXT …)
-        Adjustable sampling rate to 1ms (1000 measurements a second)
-        Test cycle’s PLC controller.

  • Motor’s running
  • Running the movement’s way
  • Measurement automatic cycle with the acquisition’s automatic starting on the computer
  • Unit’s working settings with the interface’s keys
  • Teaching suggested applications*

    • • Characterising the traction
    • • Determining the material’s Young module
    • • Characterising Brinell hardness
    • • Characterising the compression
    • • Characterising the bending
    • • Characterising the shearing
    • • Stamping experiments