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Life-size Dual Sex Torso
with Muscle Arm, 33-part
A worldwide unique feature of this life-size torso is
the removable 6-part muscle arm. This first-rate model
fully represents the anatomy of the complete human
upper body. Its great detail makes it especially
suitable for the high standards of medical
school. The right half shows the skin,
the left half the superficial and deeper
muscles with nerves, vessels and bony
structures. The versatility of this aesthetically
designed model is rounded off by the exact
representation of the internal organs. The
following parts are removable:

• Torso body
• 2 Lungs
• 2-part Heart
• Liver with gall bladder
• 2-part Stomach
• Kidney half
• 4-part Intestinal tract
• 2-part Head
• Brain half
• Sternocleidomastoideus muscle
• 6-part Muscle arm
• Upper leg stump
• 3-part Female genital insert with fetus
• 4-part Male genital insert
• Chest with detachable mammary gland
Supplied on base board and includes the
3B Scientific® Guide to the Human Torso.
90 x 55 x 60 cm; 15.5 kg



MRI Torso

This extraordinary design presents a view
of the human body developed using
modern imaging techniques such
as ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI
tomography. The 15 full-color
axial sections through the human
body each accurately depict the
features of a particular section.
The individual slices are mounted
on pivoting spokes and permit
viewing and inspection from
any angle, they can even be
removed. The results are a brand
new understanding of human
anatomy that is both interesting and
engaging for students.
130 x 40 x 35 cm; 11.5 kg








Signature Dual Sex Torso, 20-part
The quality of this Dual-Sex Torso is impressive –
and so is the price! Use this Torso to answer
all questions about the inside story of our
bodies by removing and dissecting the
following parts:
• 2-part Head
• Female breast covering
• 2 Lungs
• 2-part Heart
• Stomach 
• Liver with gall bladder
• 2-part Intestinal system
• Front kidney half
• 4-part Male genital insert
•  3-part Female genital insert 
with fetus.
Comes with
the 3B Scientific®
Guide to the Human Torso.
87 x 38 x 25 cm; 7.3 kg






Signature Dual Sex Torso with Opened Back, 28-part
This torso has it all! Removable male and female genital inserts,
opened neck and back section to study vertebrae, intervertebral
discs, spinal cord, spinal nerves, vertebral arteries etc., a deluxe
head with a 4-part brain and much more. A detailed torso for
advanced demonstrations. The following parts are removable:
• 6-part Head
• 2 Lungs
• 2-part Heart
• 2-part Stomach
• Front half of kidney
• 4-part Intestinal tract
• Liver with gall bladder
• 7th Thoracic vertebra
• Female chest wall
• 3-part Female genital insert with embryo
• 4-part Male genital insert
Supplied with the 3B Scientific® Guide to the
Human Torso.
87 x 38 x 25 cm; 7.6 kg


















Guide to the Human Torso
Get “inside” the human torso and open a whole new world of
kinesthetic learning. Detailed coverage of individual systems
and organs of the human body in a user-friendly format.
This is a resource for students as well as teachers of anatomy
and physiology. Teaching or learning another language? The
Guide has you covered in English, Latin, German, French,
Portuguese and even Japanese.
More Great Features:
• Brilliant colored pictures of
 each part of the torso
• Detailed explanations of even the
 smallest anatomical structures of
 the torso
• Valuable teaching tips to create
 more interesting lessons with your
 3B Scientific® torso
• Includes all content on a CD-ROM
 in PDF format to assist in
 creating tests, or preparing
 lessons, and studying with your
 3B Scientific® torso
• Sturdy 3-ring style binder for storage and organization.
Torso Transparency Set

A great companion to the Guide to the Torso! 33 brilliantly colored transparencies to
enhance your lessons on the human torso. Each part of the torso, including external
and internal structures is covered. 117 full color images identifying over 1,900
anatomic structures. Keep everything organized in the included a 3-ring style binder.

346 Pages
117 Full-color Images

1,950 Anatomical Structures



F. Classic Unisex Torso, 16-part
This torso is especially popular among students. It shows
the human anatomy in great detail and contains the
following removable parts:
• 3-part Head
•  2 Lungs with sternum and rib attachments
• 2-part Heart
• Stomach
• Liver with gall bladder
• 4-part Intestinal tract
• Front half of kidney
• Front half of urinary bladder
Supplied with the 3B Scientific® Guide to the Human Torso.
87 x 38 x 25 cm; 6.8 kg