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Medical & Educational Instruments

Rescue Trainers





CPR Water Rescue Manikins

Perfect for Coast Guards, Lifeguard Trainers, and Emergency Personnel to train water rescue and retrieval as well as CPR. The manikins have articulated joints and are made of durable plastic and rust-resistant steel. When filled with water the manikins will submerge to the neck, if an additional 3 kg or 5 kg (a brick will do) is added, they will sink completely.

Adolescent, 121cm

Adult, 165cm






Rescue Manikins

Developed for lifelike adult or juvenile patient handling, transportation, and extrication training. These manikins can be safely used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Made       of             tough       cast         
vinyl        with         zinc-plated               steel         frame       for           longevity  and         
rugged      use. They are fully articulated for positioning inwidely diversified training environments. The manikinscan
be seated in an automobile, positioned in a smokefilled room for fire rescue training, and immobilized ona stretcher
for mountain rescue instruction. They arealso useful for simulating the removal of victims fromutility poles, conduits,
mine cave-ins, and tunnels aswell as in limitless other training procedures.
Perfect     to             use           with         the           Casualty   Simulation               Kits. Available in a variety of heights
and weights with a new mixtureof vinyl beads and foam to duplicate  the  weight      and          resiliency of             a              human     body.
Shipped in sweat pants.

The Rescue Randy manikins are not fire resistant and arenot for water rescue (unless specifically stated).








Bariatric Rescue    Suit
It has become evident that standard patient handling techniques are no longer suitable for the extrication of morbidly obese patients. The  physical limitations of the buildings in which some of these patients reside also required special consideration.The Bariatric Rescue Manikin Suit replicates the weight and the movement in body tissue associated with morbidly obese patients. This simulation is made  possible by an “exo-suit” which allows the user to add up to 440 lbs. of water. When the exercise is complete, the water can be simply drained away, thus making the manikin more “portable.” In its dehydrated version, the manikin can be easily transported between locations. The Bariatric Suit fits only the Regular Rescue Randy original 5'5". (165-167cm), bald manikins . Suit is for manikin use only.







Rescue    Randy    9000

This brand new manikin is designed to be customized by the user for optimal training use. The manikin is made from rugged polyethylene parts that allow for the addition of varying amounts of weight to each
of the pieces. You may add water, sand, or any other substance as long as you can empty the substance out of the parts. The empty manikin is easily moved and stored when training is completed. This custom-molded construction ensures constant size from one manikin to the next and allows the utilization of Randy 9000 in every environment imaginable.

Each sealed piece is assembled with stainless steel hardware. The range of motion of the joints, including bending at the waist, mimics real life. Randy 9000 is perfect for RIT or Combat Challenge as well as ship-board, heavyweight, horizontal rescues or lightweight packaging exercises like spinal immobilization. Randy 9000 may be used in all weather conditions, and the joint design protects rescuers’ fingers. Each manikin component is easy to replace. Watch for options to be released during the coming year.

Included in  these options will be thermal imaging-capable pieces.