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Medical & Educational Instruments

Reproductive System



Childbirth              Demonstration      Pelvis
This model demonstrates the progress of
a full-term fetal head through the pelvis
during birth. The simulator consists of a
female pelvic skeleton with a movable
symphysis, hip bone, sacrum, coccyx,
and 2 lumbar vertebrae. It is articulated
to accommodate passage of a fetal skull
which is mounted on an omni-positioning
flexible gooseneck support. Delivered on
33 x 26 x 18 cm; 1.8 kg






Stages     of             Fertilization            and         the
Development          of             the           Embryo, 2-times    life-size
Schematic illustrations show how an ovum matures, how ovulation and fertilization occur, and how the fertilized ovum develops to the point of embedding itself in the womb wall to begin growth into an embryo. The various stages are shown in largerthan-life model
Form in An ovary, fallopian tube, and womb.An even more enlarged
Illustration of each is printed on the base.

35 x 21 x 20 cm;





Reproductive System Activity Sets
Menstrual                Cycle       M-W40212
Birth        M-W40218            
Meiosis    M-W40220            
Mitosis    M-W40219
Cell          to             Embryo   M-W40215            
Four         Month      Fetus        M-W40216
Full          Term        Fetus        M-W40217            
Female     Reproductive           System     M-W40214
Male        Reproductive           System     M-W40213