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Medical & Educational Instruments

Reproductive Health



AIDS      Virus     

This model has been
enlarged millions of
times to show the outer
lipid membrane with
protein structures and the
internal nucleus which contains
the viral hereditary matter (RNA).
Remove the nucleus and you'll find
space to place a targeted message
regarding measures to take in protectiagainst HIV. Mounted on base.
18 x 13 x 13 cm; 0.6 kg






The         Consequences        of             STDS

This 3-D display shows how organs and body parts
can be affected by sexually transmitted diseases. Each
hand-painted model is described in easy-to-understand
terms. The durable carrying case and easy set-up make
this display ideal for clinics and sex education programs.
71 x 69 cm opened.







The         Consequences        of             HIV/AIDS
This graphic, 3-D display helps viewers to understand what
HIV/AIDS can do to the body. Each realistic, hand-painted
model depicts one of the major consequences of HIV/
AIDS. Contained within a convenient carrying case for
storage or transport. 71 x 69 cm when opened.








Prostate  Model,    ½             life-size

A cross section of the male genital organs shows
a healthy prostate with bladder, urethra, testicle,
symphysis, and rectum. The narrowing of the
urethra due to the change of the prostate is made
clear via the 4 cross sectional views. All anatomical
structures are painted in detail. On base.
13.5 x 10 x 14 cm; 2.4 kg











Breast     Self Examination   Model
Very realistic natural casting of three
different female breasts in C and D
cups. Use to train and practice breast
• Made of new 3B Scientific’s
 SKINlike™ high-quality silicone
• Displays the skin in finest detail
• Very realistic to the touch and dermatologically tested
• Breast examination is possible in both upright and
 lying positions
• Benign and malignant tumors in different stages of
 development are featured in two breasts
• A healthy breast is supplied for comparison
• Sturdy base houses all three removable breasts
Includes base, multilingual product manual and
talcum powder.
52 x 24.5 x 9.5 cm; 2.3 kg
M-L55/1                 single       breast       only