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Medical & Educational Instruments

Prostate Exam Trainers


Advanced Patient Care Male Prostate Simulator
• Realistic anal opening permits insertion of a  lubricated, gloved finger
• Four interchangeable modules depicting a moderately  enlarged benign prostate, a prostate with two discreet  nodules, a prostate with an easily palpable large mass, and a prostate with malignant invasive cancer
• Prostates individually mounted on clear plastic cards  for easy placement and removal
• Instruction manual
• Soft carrying bag









Prostate  Examination          Simulator
Here’s an indispensable model for both students and professionals. Now every student can learn to detect beginning stages of prostate cancer and increase chances of patient survival. Four separate prostate
Glands are supplied with the torso. Each gland can be inserted into the
Prostate torso to allow realistic practice in diagnois by rectal palpation.
Stage A Gland: Benign, slightly enlarged, but otherwise normal  rostate gland. Stage B Gland: A discrete, hard nodule is palpable in
the upper right quadrant, simulating a beginning stage of carcinoma.
Stage C Gland: The spread of carcinoma is demonstrated in this gland.
The small nodule has increased in size and has become an external hard mass on the surface of the gland. Stage D Gland:This gland is totally replaced with carcinoma.The entire gland will feel hard and irregular.

Comes complete with four glands, hard carrying case, lubricant, cleaner, and teaching guide.

54.5 x 38 x 30.5 cm;
11.0 kg





Prostate  Identification Trainer
Supplied in a four sided box which houses 4 prostates: Normal Benign,
Enlarged Benign, Early Malignant and Advanced Malignant. Each is identified via a single, gloved finger access port. The soft but firm touch of  these prostates has been extensively tried and tested by specialist urologists.