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Medical & Educational Instruments




Pregnancy              Pelvis,     2-part
A median section through female pelvis during the 40th week of
pregnancy with a removable fetus to study normal position of child
before birth. Delivered on base. 44 x 42 x 37 cm; 4.4 kg









Deluxe    Pregnancy              Pelvis,     3-part
Representation of a median section through the female pelvis in the
9th month of pregnancy with a removable fetus. An excellent model to
study the normal position of child before birth. A uterus with embryo
in 3rd month of pregnancy is mounted on base for added detail.
38 x 25 x 40 cm; 3.8 kg















Classic 3B Scientific® Pregnancy Series

Study human development from the 4th week through
the 7th month. Our most popular series includes eight
models to show the complete stages of development.
All embryo or fetus models are shown in different
typical positions in the uterus and each is mounted
separately on an individual stand. The five later stages
of development allow the fetus to be removed. Ask
your Sales Rep about purchasing individual models or
visit for product details.
• 1st Month Embryo
• 2nd Month Embryo
• 3rd Month Embryo
• 4th Month Fetus (Transverse Lie)
• 5th Month Fetus (Breech Position)
• 5th Month Fetus (Transverse Lie)
• 5th Month Twin Fetuses (Normal Position)
• 7th Month Fetus
12 x 12 x 19 cm; 3.2 kg




Standard                3B Scientific® Pregnancy Series
This series consists of five models to show the most
important stages of development. Stages included: 1st
month, 2nd month, 3rd month, 5th month, 7th month.
The 5th and 7th month stages have detachable fetuses.
All models are mounted together on a base.
13 x 41 x 31 cm; 2.1 kg







Birth       Process,  5              stages

Mounted individually on bases:
• Fetus in womb, cervix closed; 2-part
• Fetus in womb, cervix open
• Fetus in womb, start of head passage
• Fetus in womb and pelvis, finish of head passage
• Placenta in womb
17 x 28 x 46 cm; 8.6 kg











Embryonic Development, 12 stages
The first 8 models are enlarged approx. 4,000 times and can be removed from the
baseboard for closer study. The other 4 models are enlarged approx. 4-5 times.
Delivered in a storage carton.
The following stages of embryo development are represented:
• Ovule shortly after fertilization
• Four-cell stage
• Morula stage
• Blastocyst with trophoblast and embryoblast
• Blastocyst w/early formation of embryo process  
• Two-cell stage
• Seven-cell stage
• Blastocyst with start of
• Embryo (approx. 12th day)
• Embryo (approx. 20th day)
• Embryo (approx. 28th day)
• Embryo (approx. 2nd month)
12 x 59 x 41 cm; 3.35 kg





Giant      Embryo

Showing an embryo approximately four weeks
old on base.
12 x 12 x 23 cm; 0.3 kg













Life         in             the           Womb Prenatal     Education Set


Bring realism to your prenatal education program with this exciting
educational set. It includes three soft fetal models (3.5, 7, and 9
months) representing different stages of pregnancy that can be
palpated through simulated abdomen. The prenatal anatomical set
also includes a newly redesigned carrying case that holds all three
fetal models. Reviewing anatomical development from conception
to six weeks postpartum is made easy with the accompanying “With
Child” life-size display.
Life          in             Womb      Set           M-W43075                            

“With       Child”      display     only                                                         M-W43076





Labor     stages      model     
Same as M-VG392, but reduced in half. Supplied on
baseboard. 40 x 31 x 13 cm; 1.4 kg