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Medical & Educational Instruments

Parenting Education



Shaken   Baby       Demonstration      Model
An infant’s vulnerability to shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is
powerfully demonstrated with this model. The model’s
translucent head allows viewers to see how a baby’s brain can
be harmed. Also emphasizes the importance of supporting
an infant’s neck. Helps teach prevention of SBS, which
can have devastating consequences including
permanent brain damage, blindness, and death.
Model is 19" long. SBS tear pad also available.










Ready     or            Not          Tots

The original manikin that simulates a baby’s varying needs! Take the
glamour out of teen pregnancy and demonstrate the realities of the
real world to your students.
You never have to worry if students neglected the
manikin. Ready-or-Not Tot® uses set programs so the
teacher always knows when the manikin required care.
Student response to the manikin’s needs are easily checked using the
template provided.
Comes complete with one set of
student keys, one set of teacher
keys, reproducible parental consent
form/permission slip, reproducible
student response sheet, teacher
correction template, diaper, 9V
battery, and instructions.
White       Male        M-W44214
White       Female     M-W44215

Black       Male        M-W44218
Black       Female     M-W44219




Classic 3B Scientific® Pregnancy Series

Study human development from the 4th week through
the 7th month. Our most popular series includes eight
models to show the complete stages of development.
Care        Babies

Ideal model for training the main principals of baby care at school
and in preparation courses for young parents. It allows dressing,
undressing, washing, changing diapers, and many other procedures.
Care babies are realistically newborn sized and can be dressed in
ordinary baby clothes. The doll has movable joints and its eyes are
slightly opened.
50 cm; 2.0 kg










Empathy                Belly
A unique pregnancy simulation that allows both female
and male wearers to experience over 20 symptoms
and effects of being pregnant. Through the use of
a rib belt and the strategic positioning of various
weighted components the Empathy Belly replicates
many of the physical and emotional effects of
being pregnant. This hands-on garment is a
wonderful teaching and learning tool not only
for fathers-to-be but also for teenagers in
sex education courses. For teenagers the
Empathy Belly provides a tangible example
of what it means to be pregnant.
Includes: torso garment, breast inserts,
belly bladder, Instructor training DVD,
educational handouts, repair kit, nylon
carrying bag and much more. Visit for full details.

Medium   M-W99996            

Large       M-W99997




Physio     Babies

Perfect for training parents-to-be in dressing, washing,
changing diapers and many other procedures. Realistic
newborn size with flexible limbs, head and waist so that
you can also practice baby gymnastics and physiotherapy
exercises. Eyes open and close. With clothes.
48 cm; 1.0 kg
Male        M-W17006            

Female     M-W17007