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CT Bronchial Tree with Larynx and  Transparent Lungs
This unique model was created on the
basis of computer tomography data of
a human (male, approx. 40 years). What
is special about this procedure is that
the natural spatial 3D-relations and the
reciprocal location
of the segmental
bronchi can be
preserved and
demonstrated in a
realistic way.
The larynx, with hyoid
bone and epiglottis, and the
trachea, with primary and lobar bronchi,
are depicted in one color. The larynx is detachable at
the level of the second tracheal cartilage and divisible in
the median plane. The epiglottis is mounted flexibly.

The various segmental bronchi are made of elastic material and depicted in various
transparent colors so that they are easier to distinguish visually. The transparent
lungs are detachable.
19 x 18 x 37 cm; 1.3kg





A.            Life-size  Lung       Model     with        Larynx,  5-part
Showing the following features:
• Larynx
• Trachea with bronchial tree
• 2-part heart
• Vena cava
• Aorta
Delivered on baseboard.
28 x 37 x 12 cm; 1.25 kg

• Pulmonary artery
• Esophagus
• 2-part lung





B.            Life-size  Lung       Model     with        Larynx,  7-part
This first class model comes on a baseboard and contains
the following removable parts:
• 2-part larynx
• Trachea with bronchial tree
• 2-part heart
• Subclavian artery and vein
• Vena cava 
31 x 41 x 12 cm; 2.2 kg

• Aorta
• Pulmonary artery
• Esophagus
• 2-part lung
• Diaphragm



Segmented             Lung       Reproduction
Cast from actual human lungs with representation of bronchial
tree, bronchioles, and alveoli. 18 coded segments are held
together with elastic and allow easy viewing of the internal
structures. Supplied on stand. 30 x 25 x 26 cm; 1.5 kg







Asthma  Easel       Display

This easel display uses 3D cross-section models to
demonstrate the effects of an asthma attack on bronchial
tubes. Included are models of the respiratory system, a
normal bronchiole, and a bronchiole during an asthma
attack. Comes with protective felt cover.
9 x 12".