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Medical & Educational Instruments



Classic Eye in Orbit,
3 times full-size, 7-part

Similar to item M-F15, this model
additionally show the optic nerve in its
natural position in the bony orbit of the eye
(floor and medial wall).
On Square Base
18 x 26 x 19 cm; 1.1 kg



Giant Eye in Base of Bony Orbit,
5 times full-size, 7-part

With the same features as M-F15 and delivered on a
square base of bony orbit.
18 x 18 x 20 cm; 1.0 kg






Colored Eye Chart

This innovative new eye chart simultaneously screens
for color blindness as well as testing visual acuity.
Designed through the collaborative effort of a physician
and an engineer in color technology, this patented eye chart
represents a milestone breakthrough in visual screening.
The Colored Eye Chart has proven effective in screening
the two most common types of red-green color blindness:
protanopia/protanomalia and deuteranopia/deuteranomalia,
as well as the extremely rare, total color blindness. Measures
11 x 23" and printed on heavy, fully laminated stock, each
chart is fitted with a metal eyelet for hanging.








Eye, 5 times full-size, 12-part

• Both halves of the sclera
• Optic nerve
• M. rectus superior
• M. rectus lateralis
• Cornea half
• Lens
• Lachrymal system
• Vitreous humour
• Tear gland & associated structures
33 x 30 x 38 cm; 4.9 kg



Giant Eye with Eyelid and Lachrimal System, 5 times full-size, 8-part

All the features of M-F15 plus the eyelid, lachrymal system, on a bony orbit.
On Square Base
20 x 18 x 21 cm; 1.2 kg