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Medical & Educational Instruments

Diabetic Health



Diabetes Mellitus  Chart
This anatomical chart details the disease diabetes, its
causes and effects as well as treatments for disease. A
great diabetes teaching tool for a classroom or doctors
office. Laminated and printed on premium glossy (200 g)
paper. Convenient Poster size 20 x 26"









Diabetic  Foot        Model
This life-size diabetic foot model can be used for both patient education and student
training. Made from Lifelike BIOLIKE 2
 material, the model contains three ulcers
in various stages of development as well as the features commonly associated with
diabetes. A graphic reminder of the importance of proper foot care. Comes with
carrying case and instruction card.
3.5 x 9.5 x 4"















Severe     Diabetic  Foot        Model
This life-size, BIOLIKE 2

 replica complements the original Diabetic Foot Model by
showing additional, more severe consequences of diabetes, including an amputated
toe. Charcot foot deformity, and severe infection and gangrene. Comes with a
carrying case and instruction card. 3.75 x 9 x 4.5"








Life/form®             Diabetes Mellitus  Teaching                Kit

Explain the signs, symptoms, and health problems associated with
diabetes using this 3-D display. Also included in the kit is a 4-page
booklet. Subjects include diagnosis, treatment, complications, eyes,
kidneys, arteries, and nerves. The model is mounted on a sturdy,
9 x 12" plaque with wire stand for easy desk or tabletop display.
Hand painted.










What You Need to Know About Diabetes Folding Display

With information about risk factors,
symptoms, and complications of
diabetes, this folding display is a
valuable resource for health educators.
Explains the different types of diabetes
and describes how the disease can be
treated. 58 x 22.5" opened.