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Medical & Educational Instruments

Choking & Heimlich Maneuver Trainers








Choking Manikins
Choking emergencies are not selective when it comes to age groups – choose from three generations of choking manikins including an obese model. These lightweight manikins all function on the same principle – clearing a blocked airway. Each manikin comes with two objects that will lodge in the oral pharyngeal space, representing any object stuck in the air passages of a victim.

Once the object is lodged, the student must use the anatomical landmarks to decide where to place their hands and how much pressure
Is required to accomplish the maneuver. Manikins include rib cage, xiphoid process, and suprasternal notch to provide anatomical reference, two choking objects, shirt, and soft carry bag.Clothing and
Bag are fabric U.S.A.
• Lightweight
• Correct anatomical landmarks
• Immediate feedback
Obese      Mature   Choking Manikin

Adolescent Choking Torso
Same features as M-W44536.

Child Choking Torso
Same features as M-W44536.




Act+Fast                Rescue Choking Vest
The Act+Fast Rescue Choking Vest is an invaluable tool for CPR Instructors to easily and effectively teach students the correct way to perform the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver (Heimlich) without using a manikin. The goal of Act+Fast is to promote CPR education by making it more accessible and fun! When performed correctly, a foam plug shoots into the air, making teaching easy and learning fun. The trainer can be used standing, sitting, on the ground or even for choking self-rescue by using a counter or chair. Use the Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer while practicing AHA protocols. It’s perfect for helping to train personnel in hospitals, fire departments, school systems and other
safety organizations. 10 foam plugs included.

Act+Fast  Red          M-W43300R          

Act+Fast  Blue         M-W43300B






Responder Holster Set
Features super tough water repellent 1000D nylon lined with 8mm of cushioning foam. Conforming lightweight configuration for wearing comfort. Sewn with heavy nylon thread for durability.  Snap open belt
Loop reinforced with hook & loop adhesive. Accommodates belts upto
2.5" wide. Two deep slide-in pockets in back and 3 slide-in pockets beneath covered flap in front.1yearwarranty on Holster.

The Responder tool set Includes:
• Responder Holster
• 5.5" Kelly straight forceps
• 7.25" Medicut™ shear
• Adlite™ disposable penlight
• 4.5" Lister bandage scissor
• Puma 2002™ lightweight knife
• Adult Velcro®tourniquet
7.25 x 5 x 0.5"







Trauma  Bag

Incredibly durable, extraordinarily versatile medical trauma bag for pre-hospital care professionals.
• Designed for easy access and convenient storage
• Twelve elastic interior tool holders and three spacious  padded compartments to store tools safely and securely
• Flap top with snap lock buckles provides rapid access to essential tools
• Two zippered side pouches, dual front pleated pockets
• Inlcudes adjustable, removable webbed shoulder strap and contoured handle
• 1 year warranty
17.5 x 10.75 x 7", 20 oz.