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Central Venous Trainers






Peter        PICC       Trainer
The importance of vascular access models continues today, with over 80% of hospitalized patients receiving intravenous therapy. It has become critical in controlling costs to ensure that the competency of all
IV staff is assessed, maintained, demonstrated, and improved continually.Vascular access simulators are acknowledged as the most efficient way to teach staff and assess competency. The trainer is an upper torso model including,neck, chin, right arm,ribs,muscle tissue,arm vein set, body vein set with viewable superior vena cava, fluid bag with tubing and a durable, soft-sided cloth carrying case with an additional pouch for supplies.  12 lbs.
Peter PICC is designed for practicing insertion, care, and removal of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines.
• Model presented in supine position with arm at 90-degree angle to body
• Movable chin simulates occlusion of jugular
• Anatomically correct cephalic, basilic, and median basilic veins, jugular,  subclavian, and superior vena cava
• Palpable ribs allow measurement of proper catheter length externally
• Replaceable arm skin allows visualization of veins
• Standard IV catheter placement
• Distal tip of catheter viewable in the superior vena cava
• Infusable veins allow realistic blood return in flashback chamber












Chester   Chest™

Chester Chest™ is a Lifelike model that allows physicians, nurses, home health staff, and support persons to learn and demonstrate competency with the most common types of long term vascular access devices (VAD’s). All of the vascular access devices used are actual clinical devices, not unrealistic imitations. The model offers realistic tactile sensation when palpating the location of a port. Additionally, inserts that come with the model permit the following difficult  ccessing to be practiced: deeply placed port, tilting or tipping port and wandering or shifting port.
The distal ends of each device are attached to a simulated blood reservoir bag to permit fluid infusion or “blood” withdrawal. Staff can use Chester Chest™ to review the principles, skills, and tools necessary for assessment, dressing care, secure attachment, and  maintenance. This is a complete unit consisting of a life-sized torso with neck and chin, detachable right arm, outer tissue flap, three difficult accessing inserts, an actual implanted port, CVC, PICC, openings for attachment of a subclavian or external jugular catheter, “blood” reservoir bags, tubing, talc baby powder, and user’s  information.
10 lbs. 61 x 41 x 15 cm; 4.8 kg
Lifelike model of human torso with detachable right arm designed for the insertion care, and removal of common long-term vascular access routes.
• Chest has real, implanted IAVD
• Prepositioned surgically implanted CVC and PICC line
• External jugular and subclavian catheters can be added
• Difficult accessing inserts (3)
• Blood withdrawal
• Heparinization and fluid infusion
• Dressing and suturing techniques









Central Venous Cannulation Simulator
Designed for learning and practicing CVC techniques, the Central Venous Cannulation Simulator is designed for the emergency
medical field. ACLS and ATLS participants will find this simulator to be the ideal trainer.Anatomically accurate, palpation is exactly the same as on a patient. The sternal notch, sternocleidomastoid,clavicle, and other supporting features make this simulator a pleasure to work with. Internal features include a replaceable muscle and bone section, subclavian, internal jugular, external jugular, and carotid. Simulator includes replaceable skin, tubing sealant, needles, one quart of Imitation Blood, and instruction guide in a hard storage case. 1year warranty.

• Use a Swan-Ganz catheter and easily change the internal tubing
• Sternal notch “sinks” 1 to 1.5 cm when palpated
• All external and internal landmarks correlate to a live patient
• Meet ATLS and ACLS standards
• A proven performer in the emergency medical field
44 x 26 x 49.5 cm;