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Catheterization Trainers











A.            Female    Cath-Ed II             Simulator
The Cath-Ed II provides practice in female catheterization. Including
Most of the same features as the Male Cath Ed I Simulator except the vulva has  been molded intact to facilitate identifying the urethra and proper spreading of the labia. Comes with a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheters, 50 cc bulb,  syringe, and instruction manual.1year warranty.

15x14x8 cm; 14 lbs.

B.            Male        Cath-Ed l               Simulator

These unique simulators combine visual and tactile learning sensations of catheterization in one compact unit. The mid-sagittal dissections allow detailed study of the internal anatomy and provide students an opportunity to follow what happens when they  catheterize a patient. The removable plastic cover identifies key anatomical structures.With practice on Cath-Ed I Male Simulator, normal restrictions at the bulbous urethra and bladder sphincter can be detected and identified.A functional bladder has been incorporated to allow simulated urine to flow when the catheter is inserted properly.A Foley catheter Can be demonstrated and seen through The viewing port. Includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheters, 50 cc bulb, syringe, and instruction

This simulator does not have a functional  bladder.1 year warranty.

15x14x8cm;  17 lbs.








Female    Catheterization Simulator
The Female Catheterization Simulator is constructed with a bladder reservoir, patient urethra, and a valve simulating the internal urethral
sphincter.The Normal feeling of resistance and pressure will be experienced as a catheter is passed through the urethra, past the sphincter, and into the bladder. When the catheter enters the bladder, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter as it would with a real patient. This simulator is the torso of a middle-aged woman with
thighs abducted for proper position during catheterization. The external genitalia and perineum are molded in lifelike form. The labia minora can be spread apart naturally to reveal the clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal introitus. Includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheters**, and teaching guide. 1 year warranty.
61 x 40.5 x 33 cm; 11.0 kg







Male        Catheterization Simulator
With the Male Catheterization Simulator, catheterization can be practiced just as on a real patient. A lubricated catheter can be inserted
In the urethral orifice, passed through the urethra, and into the bladder.
When the bladder is successfully entered, artificial urine (water)  will flow from the catheter. The student will feel the normal restrictions caused by the mucosal folds, bulbous urethra, and the internal urethral
sphincter, just prior to entrance into the bladder.The experience teaches
proper positioning and movement of the penis to allow the catheter to
pass easily with a minimum of discomfort to the patient. 1 year warranty.
Includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheter**, and teaching guide.
43x25x30.5 cm;6.0kg