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CPR Trainers




Brad™   Compact                CPR        Training Torso

This economical CPR manikin is constructed of soft, realistic
Vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam for a “human” feel. Includes
Three mouth/nose pieces, three disposable lung/airway systems, nylon
Carry bag and kneeling pads.

Dims: 28 x 18 x10".
Features include:
• Longer torso for realistic abdominal thrusts
• Realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway
• Easy to manipulate and realistically simulate
airway obstruction or choking situations
• User-friendly lung/airway design eliminates cleaning.













CPR        Prompt® Training   and          Practice    Manikin  
Designed to meet American Heart Association criteria
for desirable manikin features, these are professionalquality
manikins at a fraction of the cost! Comprehensive design allows for practice of Heimlich maneuver and abdominal thrusts, as well as CPR
and mouth-to-mouth breathing. Realistic anatomical markings (Adam’s apple, carotid arteries, navel, rib cage, chest notch) make it easy to learn correct hand placement for checking pulse, performing
chest compressions, and more.

Provides valuable student feedback and other important features:
• Head tilt/chin lift required to open airway
•Proper anatomical landmarks
• Audible compression “clicker” to ensure proper technique

Ideal for group training – allows each student to have their own manikin for maximum practice time. Easy-to-clean heads are dishwasher safe and can easily be sanitized. Lung bags are replaceable. Includes a supply of face-shield lung bags, an insertion tool, assembly instructions. With age selector dial that adjusts chest compression piston for learning adult or child techniques.

TPAK 700 CPR Prompt® 7-Pack
Economy package of seven CPR Prompt® manikins includes five
adult/child manikins, two infant manikins,50 adult/child face shield/lung bags, 20 infant face shield/ lung bags and nylon carry case.

1 year warranty.








CPR Manikins
Economically priced manikins for teaching CPR. The lightweight, rugged, realistic manikin is foam-filled with no internal parts to break.
Carrying bag included.
Features Include:
• Lifelike anatomical landmarks such as nipples,    xiphoid process, and substernal notch
• Easy to replace individual mouth/nose pieces
• Airway cutoff
• Completely disposable airway system with a non rebreathing valve
Newborn                Manikin
66 x 20.5 x 20.5 cm; 2.3 kg
Infant     Manikin
66 x 20.5 x 20.5 cm; 2.8 kg
Child      Manikin
86.5 x 28 x 18 cm; 4.1 kg





Fat Old Fred Manikin
Students always wonder how CPR manikins will compare with real victims, especially those who are older or obese. This unique manikin helps to prepare students to respond to a more typical cardiac arrest event with a victim who is elderly and overweight. Also includes
three mouth/nose pieces, three disposable lung/airway systems, and a convenient carrying bag.
• Elderly physical appearance
• Large body type with extra “fat” layer
• Realistic head tilt and chin lift for open airway
• Palpable and visual anatomical landmarks, including  sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch
• Airway can be manipulated to simulate airway  obstruction or choking situations






Sani-Child CPR Torso
This economical CPR torso has a single-use airway/ lung/face shield system so you will never have to clean, disinfect, or disassemble it. Features include:
• Realistic chest rise
•  Anatomical landmarks like sternum, ribcage  and sub-sternal notch
40 x 18 x 22 cm; 1.5 kg