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Medical & Educational Instruments

Body Composition





Electronic Column Scales with BMI Function
• Site-independent and battery operated
• Easy to transport
• Cost-effective and low-maintenance
• Intelligent functions for versatile use
Versatile, low-maintenance with economic battery operation –this scale is ideal for daily use in clinics, hospitals and doctors’offices. Low power consumption – 10,000 weighings can be performed on one set of batteries. Auto shut-down after 30 seconds. Transport castors make the column scales easy to move around. Intelligent functions include BMI function to facilitate a reliable evaluation of the nutritional condition of the patient. The column scale arrives complete with the included measuring rod so that both weight and height can be
determined in just one time-saving step.

• Capacity: 450 lbs. / 200 kg / 32 sts
• Graduation: 0.2 lbs. / 100 g
• Dimensions: 11.5 x 32.7 x 15.4"
• Weight: 15 lbs.
• Power supply: 6 “AA” 1.5V batteries, A/C adapter optional
• 2 year warranty




Eye-Level Physician Scales with Height Rod

Detecto’s model 439 features a platform cover which is easily removed for cleaning. The die-cast beam can be easily read from either side. Detecto continues to set the pace in the clinical scale industry, backed by over a  century of leadership. Every Detecto physician scale
features a time-honored reputation for rigid construction and precision engineering. This assures an unbeatably rugged product that guarantees accuracy and durability. All Detecto scales are tested with weights traceable to the  U.S. Bureau of Standards.
• Weight capacity: 400 lbs. x 4 oz.
• Platform size: 10.5 x 14.5"





Sensa Digital Floor Scale
• Precise measurement of body  composition
• Storage of individual data
• High stability
• Easy-to-read results
Weight is not the only criteria for a comprehensive evaluation of health, fitness and nutritional condition; body composition is also important. That is why the Sensa not only determines your weight but also your body’s fat (BF) and water (BW) content – for a complete and
precise analysis.  Individual BF/BW measurement: Electrodes embedded in the platform of the Sensa reliably measure individual body composition. Personal data such as size, age and gender are first entered into one of the four internal memory cells. The person
recognition function automatically allocates the weight to the user when the scales are stepped on and a precise body analysis is guaranteed. Thanks to the conductivity of the electrodes, the whole platform is integrated in the measuring process.




Baseline Hand Held Body Fat, Hydration Analyzer

• Measures body fat and water %
• 8-person memory
• Adult and child user modes
• Lithium batteries, included!








Sensa Flat Scale with Cable Remote Display

Separate display and operating element with infinitely adjustable tilt angle for convenient use.
• Easy-to-read 20 mm high LCD figures.
• BMI function to determine  nutritional status.

Exactly right for those looking for a scale with practical cabled remotedisplay and a handle for flexible use. This scale has many functions that
make life easier. It’s simple to use and easy-to-clean.

Read the display while at your desk.Simply place the display on your desk and the scale in front of it. connect the two with the 2.25-meter cable and you’re ready to work. Its also easy to read the results since the tilt angle of the display is infinitely adjustable. Advantage: the display can be set up separately from the base and read from its position on the wall or desk.

Measuring with all essential functions. It has several convenient functions required in routine medical practice: BMI to determine nutritional status, HOLD to keep the measurement results in the display, TARA to tare the weight, e.g., to weigh a small child held in a parent’s arms.