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Medical & Educational Instruments

Blood Pressure Trainers







Blood      Pressure Simulator Arm with PDA
PDA technology brings you the latest training device for teaching blood pressure skills. Battery operated; the trainer can also be plugged into any 110V AC and comes with the adapter and jack. PDA included, along with the programming and a BP cuff.

This stand-alone unit incorporates the following:
• Sphygmomanometer placement
• Palpation of the radial pulse
• Variable systolic and diastolic pressures from 0-300 mm Hg in  two mm increments
• Variable amplitude of sound heard at the antecubital site
• Sound jack for group listening
• Auscultatory gap setting
• Heart rate settings









Deluxe Blood Pressure Simulator with Speaker System
Teach students to properly perform physical assessment to remove any lingering uncertainties they may have. The simulator provides an excellent means to practice listening to and distinguishing blood pressure sounds prior to actual clinical experience.  It is possible to audibly discern the five Korotkoff phases. Many times when working with a live subject, pressures are difficult to auscultate, making accurate evaluation of student proficiency almost impossible, and undermining the student’s self-confidence. With this realistic unit, the student can find the preset results and the instructor can unfailingly
know if the student has performed the procedure accurately. The  Electronically generated sounds are digitally recorded. Any combination of systolic and diastolic pressures can be dialed into the control unit, and the instructor can control the pulse rate and volume level. An auscultatory gap can be added if desired. The external speaker system provides an ideal way to broadcast blood pressure sounds to an entire classroom. The instructor can instantly change Korotoff phases to compare audible differences, vary pulse rate and volume, control systolic and diastolic pressures, and demonstrate the phenomenon of auscultatory gap. In addition to group demonstrations,
the unit is also well suited for individual practice and evaluation. Included: external speaker, electronic control unit (4 “AA” batteries included), a sphygmomanometer, and a hard carrying case. A stethoscope is not included.









Blood      Pressure Training Arm

This blood pressure training arm is for use with M-W45011. This left arm connects to adult Patient Care Manikins (if mentioned as an option). Systolic and diastolic pressures, auscultation gap and pulse rate are adjustable. The cuff pressure can be seen on a display.

Features of the blood pressure training arm include:
• Palpable radial pulse when cuff pressure is less than the selected systolic blood  pressure
• Korotkoff sounds K1 to K4 (K5 is silence) are audible in the antecubital area between  systolic and diastolic pressures
• Korotkoff sounds are automatically silenced if auscultation gap is selected
• Korotkoff sounds are automatically adjusted depending upon selected heart rate and  rate of cuff reduce space deflation International power supply 100 to 240 V. Supplied with stethoscope, sphygmanometer
cuff with tubing assembly and carrying bag.





Teaching  Scope, Dual Head A training aid that allows student and instructor to listen simultaneously.
Feature & benefits:
• Two sets of flexible chrome-plated brass binaurals
• Two spare pairs of eartips included
• Weighs 6.5 oz., overall length 44.5"
• 1 year warranty