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Medical & Educational Instruments

Blood Pressure





Diagnostic 700 Series

Our finest pocket aneroid, the 700 is the instrument of choice among professionals.
• Heavily chrome plated precision  crafted 300mmHg no-pin stop
manometer polished to a sterling shine
• Luminescent dial has bold white numerals and extended graduation
marks on black face
• Cuff includes convenient gauge holder
• ADFLOW™ chrome plated brass air  release valve with filter screen
protection permits precise deflation control and years of reliable service
• Lifetime calibration warranty
• 12 colors
Adult M-W51453  
Large Adult M-W51471   











The world’s first digital aneroid sphygmomanometer!
Replace your fragile mechanical gauge design with a virtually indestructible, digital instrument that can stand up to the toughest use. The E-Sphyg can withstand repeated drops of 5 feet or more and has a splash resistant housing for use in harsh environments. 2 “AAA” batteries included. Recalibration is free for life.

More Features:
• Extra large backlit LCD with 7/8" digits, is easy to read in virtually any light
• Swivel cuff clip allows the manometer to be re-positioned for easy viewing
• Dual low battery warnings and auto-off function
•  Systolic assist alerts practitioner to the onset of Korotkoff sounds –
makes a great training aid
• Deflation rate display promotes proper technique in accordance with
AHA guidelines
• Pulse rate display at completion of measurement
• Manometer works with virtually every cuff on the market
• Requires familiar and trusted manual auscultation to obtain blood pressure
readings (use of stethoscope)
• Five fashion colors – Black (BK), Dark Blue (DB), Royal Blue (RB), Violet (V),  Orange OR)
E-Sphyg M-W51498





Pro’s Combo II
A professional kit that combines our best selling aneroid, with optional
The series features:
• Contemporary black enamel 300mmHg no-pin stop manometer
• Chrome plated deflation valve
•  Extra large, color-matched dual pocket nylon carry case measuring 
10 x 6 x 3"
• 20 year calibration warranty
• Ten colors

Pro’s Combo II
Complete aneroid and matching case.
Pro’s Combo II D.H.
Complete aneroid, matching case & color-matched dual head stethoscope.
Pro’s Combo II S.R.
Complete aneroid, matching case & color-matched Sprague stethoscope.



Advantage™ Digital Wrist Bp Monitor I

Portable, economical, & easy to use
• Latex-free wrist cuff fits 5 to 7" wrists
• Recalls last 90 readings
• Auto off
• Compact storage case.



Advantage™ Semi-automatic Bp Monitor
Compact, and easy-to-use
• Self adjusting latex-free D-Bar cuff
• Automatic deflation valve
• Auto off





Diagnostix™ 750 Series

A large face aneroid available in 2 configurations that offers the superb
precision, styling, and dependability synonymous with the ADC name.
The 750 series features:
•  Large, easy-to-read 6" luminescent dial for high visibility in virtually any light
•  300 mmHg no-pin stop movement withstands the heaviest use
•  Inflation system includes the Adcuff™ black nylon cuff, latex inflation bladder,
Adflow™ bulb and valve, and eight foot length (when extended) of
coiled latex tubing.

The 752M Mobile Aneroid includes:
•  Height adjustable Spider-Leg™ caster stand with range of 40 to 54"
•  Integral ABS cuff storage compartment
•  Manometer angled back 15° for easy viewing
•  Contemporary Euro-style ivory casing compliments any decor
•  Complete with all necessary hardware and assembly
752 Mobile Aneroid M-W51587