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Medical & Educational Instruments

Balance & Proprioception



Chango Ultimate Balance Board
Develop your Legs and Improve  your Balance Two Boards in one so you can customize any fitness routine and challenge yourself at your own exercise  pace. Wobble Board tilt angles 14° and 20° on yellow shock absorbing center balls – or remove balls and use on inflatable balance disc. Convert it to a rocker  board by using the smaller two, 2" rocker balls.
• Great for lower extremity and back rehabilitation
• Activates muscle to work in cooperation with one  another for good bone movement
• Improves balance, coordination and quickens reflex time
• Inner ear is also stimulated by movement and this helps  develop balance awareness
• 16" Diameter, supports up to 500 lbs.






Beginner/Advanced Chango S2000 Balance Board

With the Chango S2000 you can balance on the yellow center ball and it’s a wobble board; remove the yellow ball and balance on the two wooden balls and it’s a rocker board. The platform is handcrafted of laminated wood, measures 15 x 7.5" and supports up to 500 lbs. The board can also be used for calf stretches and push-ups.
Advanced (large ball only) M-W56002
Beginner/Advanced M-W56003
(includes small ball and large ball)






A versatile low cost option for balance training at all levels. Five interchangeable fulcrums give 3° of difficulty as a single plane rocker: (6, 9 and 12°) and 2 multi-directional fulcrums at 10° (one square and one round). Velcro fasteners attach each piece. This board is suitable for all levels from seniors to athletes and works best in a clinic or
home setting. 12 x 24"

Includes 5 easy change
fulcrums from 4 to 12 degrees.




Quadriceps Board

Multi-position board for lower extremity exercises. Use on a bed, mat or table to strengthen quadriceps. Ten grooves to lock the board in place at varying heights and angles. Folds flat for compact storage when not in use.
2 x 29 x 4". 5 lbs.




Balance Board for “Ballerina Posture” – 20

°Ballerinas are known for their outstanding posture. It takes regular practice to develop and maintain this stance. This board has three adjustable levels for increasing posture education. 16 x 24 x 4". 8 lbs.





Stainless Steel Orthopedic Balance Trainer
Train core muscles, lower leg, hip and ankles with this durable balance board. Great for physical therapy as well as pilates, aerobics and sports performance training.
14 x 21 x 14". 4 lbs.