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Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope™

Breakthrough Auscultation Training! The instructor selects from a menu of heart and lung conditions by wireless remote control. The manikin presents itself as a real patient without visible auscultation sites. The student must palpate to identify  correct auscultation locations, and will hear different heart and lung sounds as the
SmartScope™ is moved to different locations on the manikin. A diagnosis of the  condition selected by the instructor can be made by comparing the variations in
sounds occurring at different sites. Just like a real patient!

Lung sounds can be detected at 5 anterior, 10 posterior, and two midaxillary locations. Students can practice auscultation at six anterior heart sites. The remote control
does not have to be pointed directly at the manikin or SmartScope™ to work and one remote control will operate multiple sets of SmartScopes™ or manikins simultaneously. Great for group instruction. Listen to the
sounds either using headphones or the SmartScope™ or by connecting to an amplifier or speaker (not included). Range on the unit is up to 100 feet of remote access.

• Invisible auscultation sites
• Palpable landmarks
• Completely wireless
• Remote controlled
• Heart and lung sounds vary at different sites

Includes: manikin, one remote control with LCD display,
hard storage case and one SmartScope™ with single and
dual-user headpieces. Operates using three “AAA” batteries







Infant Auscultation Trainer

The Life/form® Infant Ausculation Trainer simulates heart, bowel, and lung conditions selected by the  instructor via wireless remote control. The student
must palpate to identify the correct auscultation
sites and will hear different heart, bowel, and lung
sounds as the SmartScope®  is moved from site to site. The trainer duplicates human infant conditions as closely as electronic technology allows – it’s almost the real thing. The instructor can program the remote control, selecting from two dozen conditions and even switch conditions so students can compare and make a diagnosis. Note: Infant remote and SmartScope®
are not compatible with Adult Ausculatation Trainer. Includes Infant Auscultation Trainer, SmartScope® remote, and hard carry case. Additional SmartScope® and remote are available. 3 year warranty. Visit for a complete list of heart, bowel and lung sounds.







Heart and Breath Sounds Simulator
Portable and scalable, the TUTOR MS is a hand-held simulator that generates both heart and breath sounds. It is excellent for one-on-one instruction or for groups of upto 15 students.  By utilizing stethoscope Sounders students can auscultate at the same time or connect a speaker to broadcast the actual patient heart and breath sounds. The TUTOR MS is perfect for any setting where the determination of both heart and breath sounds is important and can be tailored to any situation by toggling between different external menus to meet your needs. In addition, the unit has two lights that
illuminate during systole (heart menu) and expiration (breath menu). Includes 2 stethoscope sounders.  Sound Menus sold separately.








Sounds and Arrhythmia Tutor

Two-in-one TUTOR reproduces digitally stored heart and breath sounds or arrhythmias.
Perfect for Nursing Schools, EMS Education Programs, Medical Schools and any healthcare
Settings where sound and rhythm recognition is

These sounds are heard with stethoscopes
from Sounders, either the two mounted in the top or
from other Sounders or an external speaker. Upto 50 Sounders can be connected at the rear panel jacks. There is a volume control and two LEDs that
illuminate during systole as well as an illuminated
display showing the example currently playing.

Sound Menu items are selected from the 16-panel
keypad. Rhythms may be viewed on any monitor
or by connection to the Arrhythmia Display Interface.This unique TUTOR  allows instructors
the flexibility to change menus by changing plug-in
modules. Includes 2 stethoscope sounders.Sound
menus sold separately.